Personal Life – Android Application

In day today life, you might have realized that what if there is an application in your phone to save your account usernames and passwords, safely. Sometimes, you might have some special photos which you don’t want to show to the others who use your phone. This is your app. This application enables the user to save username and passwords of your accounts. Also, here the user can write down notes which are personal.

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This app is freely available in Android Market and Amazon app store.


GIS Application

This programming project was assigned by the campus when I’m in the 1st Semester in the department of Computer Science and Engineering. It’s just a basic java application which will show you a map and user have to give the current location and the destination. Then the application will show the shortest path to the destination. Sometimes, the path which is shown may not be the shortest path. The algorithm,used takes the traffic details into account and finds the easiest path to travel. In the program, I have used Dijkstra’s Algorithm to find the shortest path.

Snapshots –

How to root your Samsung ACE GT-S5830

I tried lots of things to get the root access to my android phone by watching YouTube videos and blogs. But, I was unable to fix my problem. Finally I watched the following video and it helped me to over come this problem. So guys, watch this video and try to win a rooted Samsung ACE phone.

video is not in English but I was able to understand what he is doing. Try it 🙂

You have to download this —> AceGingerRoot

How to get the focus to a specific field in GUI in Java

When working with Graphical User Interfaces(GUI) the main thing you should keep in your mind is user friendliness. Think about an example that you try to get some details from the user for different text fields. When the user hits the save button we first have to validate the fields as to check the correctness of data. Then, we found that one data in a text field is incorrect. So we have to send a message to the user indicating that there is an error in that particular field. What if we can focus that text field to the user. Is it very friendly, right? It’s just a simple thing. Try this out

//code for the action performed event of the save button
private void jButton2ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {
// save the details

private booleanvalidateTextFields(){
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "The data you entered is incorrect", "Warning", 1);
return false;